Styling Tips


1.Go for monochromatic looks

monochromatic looks

It may sound too heavy but its actually a simple trend to follow.So a monochromatic outfit would consist of one color.Here it doesn’t mean that you would have to wear solid black or a whole white look from head to toe.The actual joy of the monochromatic fashion trend is trying different shades and tints of the same color,this is where the monochromatic look arrives.

The best thing about this look is that these flow nicely,plus it can literally save you all the time and cash.Just color block your closet,grab and go.

2. Neat hair and makeup

A Neat hairstyle and a clean makeup look does not harm anybody nor scares anyone. keeping both simple,yet polished will not only make you look graceful but it would also  boost your confidence. 

Don’t overdo it with the foundation as it add layers and may look craky which no more remains neat and will not further look good for the day.

3.versatile outfits

We’re all blameworthy of it. A wedding, a  party, a Friday night get-together with old friends. Heading some place we unavoidably feel like we need something uncommon – and in this manner something new – to wear. Be that as it may, usually, as much as we prefer the piece that we get, it once in a while gets more than one trip.

Rather than buying something different for specific occasions, attempt to have a couple of dressier pieces in your closet that are increasingly flexible. On the off chance that you go for something basic and increasingly great, instead of pattern drove, you’ll have the option to wear it over and over. Embellished shrewdly, it will never feel like a similar.

4.keep things that fit well

good fit dresses
Just as clutching things that don’t fit, a large number of us keep pieces that we know sometimes fall short for us. Frequently we’ve purchased something spontaneously on the grounds that it’s a major pattern or in light of the fact that we saw another person wearing it and thought they looked astounding – but since it simply sometimes falls short for us, we’ve never really removed it from the organizer. On the off chance that a bit of garments doesn’t make you feel certain and agreeable, it has no spot in your life.

5. New trends in,old out

A brilliant method to keep your closet at a reasonable size is to embrace the one-in, one-out guideline: each time you include something new, take a piece out (and sell it or give it to philanthropy). Not exclusively will it keep your rails and retires from flooding, it additionally implies you must be considerably more sure about what you are obtaining. You’ll never purchase something except if you totally adore it, realizing that you will need to lose something uncommon from your closet.