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Do you want to create your own book

and/or scale your business

using the methods used

"Better Days In 90 Days : Secrets, Tips & Cheat Codes"

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Book A Short Strategy Call To Find The Quickest Path To Growth For Your Business And Select a Pathway For Implementation

Have you ever dreamed of having a book you could be proud of, but don’t want to spend 150+ hours it takes to write a book?

I have spent close to 5 years writing my latest book.


A million things can happen that stop you from finishing you product.


So I set out for really and found a formula that enabled me to finish my book within a month.

Have you ever thought about being an author?

Do you want to own an online store and operating sales funnel?

Do you have a project you have been working on?

Do you want to know the secrets to promoting that product for global success?

What if I told you we can accomplish this goal within a months time and you won’t even have to type another word.

All of the answers are inside of “Better Days In 90 Days : Secrets, Tips & Cheat Codes”...

Book a brief call so that we can discuss your goals, dreams and ideas and pair you with one of the three affordable Premium packages that we offer.

Offer # 1

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a book you could be proud of, but don’t want to spend the 150+ hours it takes to write a good book, this service is for you. 

My team and I will:
* Find your perfect Book Hook for you
* Write your book for you
* Design your book cover
* Format your book for print, Kindle, and ebook editions
* Narrate your book for an audio version
* Publish your book on Audible and Kindle
* Launch your book to your email list (if you have one)
* Collect reviews (if you have an existing audience)
* Provide your first 100 physical copies FREE

We use a unique process for turning your ideas into a high quality, bestselling book!

The process works like this: 

First, we conduct 4 - 5 brief interviews with you asking targeted, specific questions to extract your best ideas that we can turn into a great Book Hook and content for your work. 

Next, we’ll present you with a short outline of proposed chapters, content, and more that you can approve and provide feedback on. 

Then, our award-winning ghostwriting team will take the outline, the interviews, and our Book Hook ideas and write for you a 100 - 150-page book you can be proud of.

You will receive chapters as we complete them for approval and have as much, or as little, control over the end result as you want. 

Lastly, once you have submitted final approval of the work, we will ship your manuscript off to the editing & proofreading team, the design team, the formatting team, and our launch team. 

You’ll get a beautiful, professionally designed book that shares your best ideas following the strategies in "Better Days In 90 Days : Secrets, Tip & Cheat Codes" plus a full launch (if applicable) all done for you.

All you have to do is show up for a few short interviews, provide feedback, and sit back and relax while we do the rest.

For those who want to learn the entire "Better Days In 90 Days : Secrets, Tip & Cheat Codes" process themselves, get help and support from my team on a daily basis, and are wanting to go at their own pace, this might be the best option for you.

Option # 2 


Group Coaching Package Together, with my team, you will:
* Strengthen and develop your high-end offer to sell for $3,000 - $30,000
* Find your Book Hook to attract the perfect buyers of your high-end offer
* Write and launch your book
* Build your very own #BetterDaysChallenge
* Scale your book funnel to maximize book sales
* Fill your calendar with pre-qualified prospects ready to purchase your high-end offers
* Learn how to grow this simple process into millions in revenue over time
* Much, much more…

Clients in our group coaching program get:
* Monday - Friday daily support from live Q&A calls with members of my team
* 24/7 group chat support to ask any question at any time and receive an answer within 24 hours
* All the templates, tools, and resources our internal team uses to write books, launch funnels, and grow
* Trainings, access to guest experts, and even prizes and awards for completing milestones and achieving your goals
* Much, much more!

This is also a great option for clients who have an existing marketing person on their team that they want to be trained in our methods. 

Signing them up for our group coaching program means they’ll learn exactly how we grow and scale using The One Book Millions Method, plus they’ll get the support they need from my team who writes books, builds funnels, and scales businesses on a daily basis.

* Coaches
* Creative Service Providers
* Agency Owners
* Freelancers
* Professional Service Providers Common Attributes
* Have an existing business
* Have existing client results they can share
* Enjoy sharing what they are good at with others
* Willing to advance their knowledge and skill set to get better results
* A strong desire to scale and increase margins
* An openness to a new way of getting sales and generating profits
* Want to be as successful as possible through helping others


Step 1. Please fill out the short questionnaire below so that we can learn more about you and your goals.
Step 2. Schedule a time to chat with our Head Advisor, Troy Steine, where you’ll discuss how "Better Days In 90 Days : Secrets, Tip & Cheat Codes" could best be used to scale your business
Step 3. If we both agree we’d be a good fit we’ll proceed to the next steps and begin growing your business together!



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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